NPIC released a new innovation in puppy treats, the N-Bone® Puppy Bone.

This new product is designed to meet the specific needs of developing puppies. N-Bone® Puppy Bones are fortified with calcium for strong teeth and bones, and includes DHA to promote good cognitive development during the key growth phase.

The chewing urges developed during the puppy teething process often linger after a puppy’s adult teeth are in place. N-Bone® Puppy Bone helps provide a solution to inappropriate chewing habits. These chewy, delicious, and perfectly sized bones go through a specialized drying process that creates the perfect texture for a young pup’s new teeth — hard enough to be enjoyable yet soft enough to not damage teeth.

N-Bone® Puppy Bone is available in mini or small sizes and comes in two delicious flavors: milk and chicken. The treats are wheat free, corn free, soy free, and are highly digestible.

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