NPIC, the makers of N-Bone®, Twistix® and Get Naked® pet treats, have created a brand new consumer website,, with updated graphical elements, a vastly improved navigation system, an advanced store finder, and a new blog section. will play a significant role in fostering the company’s relationship with customers. The website is intended to be a one stop shop for all of a customer’s pet-related informational needs. The site features an updated design, an ingredient glossary, and all new content. The intuitive design will help customers get to the information they want and need much faster than they could before, and the new features like the ingredient glossary and the blog will give customers a more in-depth look into the pet world as a whole.

The ingredient glossary features nearly 150 entries upon launching, with plans to expand it to include not only ingredients that NPIC uses in their treats, but ingredients found in other types of pet treats and pet food. The blog will feature contests, advice from veterinarian guest bloggers, and the usual comedic relief that comes with writing about dogs, cats, and ferrets.

The new website also allows customers to easily navigate the three brands NPIC offers, as well as offering several different ways to find the perfect treat for their pet. There is also a filter function that allows customers to select the brand, the type of their pet and the health function they are searching for. The filter then fetches a selection of treats that fit the customer’s specifications.

“We are very excited to get this website live and into the hands of the public,” says James Cheng, President of NPIC, “We strive to be as open and honest with our customers as possible, and this website will be instrumental in achieving that goal.”

The site will be the best place for NPIC customers to find new product launches, information about ingredients, and advice on caring for their pets.