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Now Available: Giggles, Kisses, & Itch Free Cuddles!

Taking care of your pet’s health essentials has never been easier or more fun! 

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Taking care of your pet’s health essentials has never been easier or more fun! From flea and tick prevention to dog biscuit treats, Petknowledgy can deliver it all right to your door.

Petknowledgy products include flea and tick prevention, small batch dog biscuit treats, freeze-dried dog treats, exotic dog treats, dental powder, and an assortment of pet toys and accessories. Petknowledgy sets itself apart by offering a variety of gift sets to entertain you and your pet!

The premium flea and tick prevention uses the same formula as Frontline Plus. Simply apply the formula, and let it work it’s magic all month long. Petknowledgy products are made and packaged in the USA to ensure the highest quality and care for your pet.

If you have a sense of humor, then Petknowledgy’s small batch dog biscuit treats are perfect for you! Available in many fun varieties like Bad Habits (shaped like cats and mail carriers) and Sh*ts and Giggles (shaped like poop and smile emojis), they’re designed to put a smile on you and your dog’s face! These all-natural goodies are sourced and  baked in the USA, making a healthy, tasty, and fun treat  for your favorite furry friend.

Petknowledgy’s dental powder is made of a carefully curated mix of probiotic (good) bacteria that works to replace the harmful bacteria in your pet’s mouth with healthy bacteria to promote overall oral health, reduce plaque and tartar buildup, strengthen enamel, freshen breath, and brighten teeth. One daily scoop is recommended to see (and smell) the results!

Petknowledgy also offers a variety of supplemental soft chews. Pet parents can choose from a selection of hip & joint, skin & coat, calming, probiotic or multivitamin soft chews. Your pet will think it’s a treat!

Every pet parent knows that the journey changes often. Petknowledgy’s carefully curated assortment of products is a convenient and affordable way for pet parents to provide wellness and fun to your pet at every stage of the journey.

Check out the full product line including our 2021 holiday collection at or

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