Pet Adventures Worldwide successfully launched a new brand of American sourced and manufactured jerky snacks and treats for dogs this year—Uncle Ulrick’s. All of Uncle Ulrick’s products are American Made with American Pride in a certified USDA approved facility in Ohio, the heartland of America. Uncle Ulrick’s is committed to making wholesome, delicious treats for dogs everywhere. The brand was created by PAW pet enthusiasts to provide the company’s pickiest pet with treats that have the same high quality ingredients and preparation methods that you would expect for humans. Only the freshest whole muscle, all white meat American chicken breasts, American grown sweet potatoes and choice cuts of American beef are used to make the finest jerky snacks for dogs.

All of Uncle Ulrick’s jerky treats and sweet potato snacks are made with real American ingredients that are fresh (never frozen) and cooked to perfection without adding grain, soy, wheat, fillers, by-products, artificial flavors and colors.

“We believe that dogs deserve the same level of quality cuisine as their humans. That is why our recipes have human grade ingredients,” said Aron Cremeans – Executive Chef for Uncle Ulrick’s. Currently, the menu consists of Chicken and Beef Jerky Strips, Sweet Potato Strips, Chicken and Beef Jerky Canine Croutons.

For more information about the entire menu, please visit Uncle Ulrick's online at or e-mail them at

About PAW – Pet Adventures Worldwide PAW has serviced the pet industry for nearly 30 years. After focusing on the marketing and sales of flexi retractable leashes for many years, PAW now offers several brands worldwide. For more information on all of our brands – Alcott Products, Uncle Ulrick’s, Great Jack’s and Mutt Mitts, please visit us online at