“True Tails from the Dog Park” is a fun and charming collection of stories, tips and rules for dogs and dog owners that will keep you laughing. The stories are written from the perspective of two dogs, Max and Luther who have become best friends since meeting at the dog park. These are tales only a dog could tell (and get away with it!) The book is meant to both educate and entertain its readers. While all the stories included in the book are true and funny (at least we think so), they are also meant to emphasize an underlying point. “True Tails” is comprised of ten chapters, each of which focuses on a specific theme: food, poop, kids, people, toys, grooming, health, other dogs, etiquette and final thoughts. Each chapter is further divided into three sections consisting of dog park rules, true stories to illustrate the theme and tips and advice. The beautiful illustrations, by Julie Ann Stricklin, are inspired by the original Winnie the Pooh books and add a touch of whimsy to the overall feel of the book.

“True Tails from the Dog Park” is a unique book that will instantly relate to dog owners and dog lovers everywhere.