A new crowdfunding site solely dedicated to animal welfare projects is harnessing the power of social media to bring much-needed cash to worthy animal projects. PetFundr.com, the first “animal-only” crowdfunding site, supports all species, from family pets to farm animals. The initiative was created by pet blogger Darcy Wintonyk, who wanted to create a space to easily bring together animal lovers with worthy animal causes that need a hand financially to succeed.

“No project is too small,” she says. “It could be a dog owner raising $300 to get their pup’s broken leg fixed, to an animal shelter fundraising for an expansion or upgrade of their outdated facility.”

By sharing socially on social media channels, the campaigns are seen by scores of other animal lovers who can help the projects reach their goals. Its first campaign is helping a non-profit animal welfare agency raise $10,000 to hold a free one-day pet health clinic for low income and homeless pet owners in Vancouver, BC’s Downtown Eastside. Animal lovers can create a free campaign with their own unique pictures and story on PetFundr in a matter of minutes. That campaign is then shared with friends and family on Facebook and other social media channels. Monies raised can be collected right away minus a small fee. And unlike many crowdfunding platform that operate on an “all or nothing” funding model, PetFundr pays out 100 per cent of donations received—regardless of whether the user hits their fundraising target.

Crowdfund a worthy animal-related cause at petfundr.com.