Midoricide™ Natural Products introduces several new specialty natural pet care products. With a combined 36 yrs of scientific and engineering experience in its network, Midoricide is a unique leader in design and natural care formulations. Midoricide carries natural, organic, and non-toxic pet care line consisting of natural flea and tick sprays, shampoo bars, liquid shampoos, conditioners, ear drops, anti-itch oils, pet organic balms, natural detangler, and more. Midoricide has specific natural care lines for, dogs, cats, and horses. 



“We believe in the effectiveness, safety, and the wonderful attributes of natural care products”, said Rose Hoeppner, Founder of Midoricide. “If we are not excited or passionate about the formulation, we don’t make it. We make the highest quality, unique products that are so purely and wonderfully formulated…and every time it makes us say, “how about me! I want one too!” We are continually motivated and inspired to create, innovate, and provide safer, non-toxic, natural and organic products which are a more effective option for pet care. Many products available have toxic chemicals in them which affect overall general health. When people buy products, they do not seek to buy toxic products as an added bonus. Thankfully, times are changing and a greater awareness is being realized and consumers are drawn to better, safer, and natural alternatives. In many cases these products are a more effective and safer option for the entire family. Particularly, when it is formulated and designed with care for natural health. Midoricide natural products focuses on this theme.” Visit them at www.midoricide.com.