Thanks to Modern Dog’s Facebook friends for all their
wonderful name suggestions for my new dog.

I wanted to choose a name that both suited her and one that also
had some significance. When a FB friend suggested the name Penny, a bell rang. The
Victoria SPCA shelter manager is named Penny and she was so incredibly helpful
(and patient), allowing us all the time we needed to make the right decision. She
fast-tracked our paperwork and even gave us a ride back down to the harbour so
that we wouldn’t miss our plane back home. On getting out of her vehicle, I
looked down at the ground and there found a lucky Penny. So, when Penny was
suggested as a name for my dog, I felt that fate was delivering a message, Penny
should be her name. And so it is.


Thanks again to Penny and the Victoria SPCA for all their
help with my dog adoption and also for the love care and attention they
continually give to animals in need. A big thank you as well to Harbour Air!