Last weekend’s getaway to Salt Spring Island turned out to be a
slimy espcade for Penny, my over-adventurous Wire-Haired Dachshund. Saturday
morning found her racing through the wet grass then dashing (as only a
Dash-Hound can, pardon the pun), into the forest whereupon I heard her excitedly
barking after some thing or another. She returned a short while later looking
like a drowned rat. There was no way she was going to roam around the house (or
my car) without being washed first. I plopped her into the sink for what I
thought was going to be a quick shampoo and blow dry. Little did I know that
she was covered in a film of slime that simply would not wash out. As a matter
of fact, the water made the slime more adhesive and actually grow in volume! Even after four repeated shampoos we
had made absolutely no headway with the apparently insolvent, slippery slime.
In all my years of owning dogs, I have never encountered this phenomenon.
Googling "slime on dogs", I learned that Penny had most likely rolled on a slug
(the one she encountered must have been a giant one that released its full
arsenal of slime upon her).  My Web search
also provided me with the information I needed to remove the slime, the most
effective means being wiping off as much as possible prior to washing (too late
for that), so I took out my hair drier and blow-dried her, the warm air
effectively drying her fur and the slime along with it. I was then able to comb
out most of it and then snip off any remaining globby clumps. I’m interested to
know if anyone else has had a similar experience with slug slime and what you
did to remove it.


Here’s a photo of super-slimy Penny looking rather forlorn (probably knowing a bath is on the agenda)!