With Mother’s Day just around the corner I thought you’d
enjoy this story (and photos)… this morning I was at the bus/train station with
my mom when immediately in front of us there appeared a mother (and father)
goose parading their eight, very tiny babies, towards the park on the opposite
side of the street. Apparently the mother goose had a nest atop Pacific Central
Station and decided at the moment we arrived that it was time to take her bird
babies out for a walk. The only problem was the first step down was an
extremely long one – over two stories to be exact. One by one they dropped from
the roof top, but miraculously survived the fall onto the cement below. Peep,
peep, peeping to each other they scurried about under the watchful eyes of
their parents. What a wonderful treat to see these darling little balls of


Here’s Pacific Central Station, what a long way down for these babies to fall…


 The Mom leads her babies across the street while security guards keep traffic at bay:


Daddy goose keeps a watchful eye out from the rear:



A puddle will have to make do for their first dip in water: