(Brooklyn, NY)….From the designers of the award winning Modkat® Litter Box, Modko is proud to introduce the Shake Dog Potty!

The Shake Dog Potty is there when you’re not, providing a comfortable, familiar spot for your dog to go when you’re on the go. It lies discretely flat on the floor, so you’ll never be ashamed to leave it out, giving your dog the freedom to pee when Nature calls. And, it’s so simple to fold up you won’t think twice about taking it with you. To clean it, just add water, shake and empty! Best of all, you’ll never need pee pee pads again, saving you money and reducing waste.

The Shake Dog Potty will be available for preorder in August, 2013, price TBA. For more information about Modko’s innovative pet products please visit modko.com, call 718.965.2300 or e-mail info@modko.com.

Modko is a Brooklyn based company that creates innovative products for the modern lifestyle. Their passion for design and obsession over details drives them to make simple, smart, everyday things that look great and work even better.