Keep your dog’s coat under control with the Easy Clip Whisper Clipper from Andis! Designed for single-coated breeds, this high-quality clipper kit comes with a blade guard, a blade brush, and six attachment combs.


Refresh your dog’s breath with Cranberry Dental Gel! This innovative and tasty product can be used according to your pet’s preference: on food, on the finger, or on the toothbrush.

CBD Living Pet CBD Soft Chews for Dogs combine CBD and nutritious prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes with delicious flavors your dog will crave. Available in Peanut Butter Calming, Sweet Potato + Organic Apple Immunity Support, and Bacon Flavor Mobility Support.


Give the gift of an at-home pawdicure! With LED lights and 2 speed settings, the CONAIRPROPET Cordless LED Nail Grinder helps simplify the nail trimming experience. or


These tasty Bacon Soft Chews from Creating Better Days deliver just the right dose of CBD to your doggo at treat time, every time! Each batch is third-party lab tested, so get some now!


Whether it's your car, couch, or carpet, Fur-Zoff's patented recycled material will quickly remove pet hair from the fabrics of your life! Works for all types of pet hair.


Happy Buddies is an all-natural Hemp CBD tincture for dogs and cats. If your fur buddy suffers from pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, seizures or nausea try our all-natural certified Hemp CBD products for your pet today.


#1 ranked, multi-award winning, HandsOn Gloves are the revolutionary all-in-one shedding/bathing/grooming gloves. Animal preferred for the loving HandsOn massage. HandsOn is changing the way we bathe, de-shed and groom all our animals. Forever.


Optagest’s five ingredient simple, but proven, formulation includes a USDA Organically Certified prebiotic and incorporates natural plant-based digestive enzymes to aid your dog’s GI tract performance.


Dogs deserve a shampoo specially formulated for them! J.R.LIGGETT’s Dog Shampoo for Sensitive Skin is all-natural and 100% detergent-free, helping relieve itchy skin and leaving them feeling clean and silky soft.



Give the gift of a natural healing shampoo! Kawell USA's dog shampoo contains Matico plant extract, which naturally helps heal and soothe your dog's skin. Non-toxic and all-natural. Save 10% with MODERNDOG10 today!



Digest Aide is designed to support optimal digestion and health. Dogs with pre-existing stomach problems, diarrhea, gas, or recovering post-surgery will benefit from Digest-Aide’s rapid results. A healthy stomach is a healthy and happy pet.


The My Pet Laser relives pain, reduces inflammation, and heals wounds in dogs from the comfort of home. Cordless, portable, and FDA – cleared safe, your dog will love this non-invasive therapy.


Did you know that CBD is beneficial to pets as well as humans? We all want the best for our four-legged family members so look no further that Naturecan!

Discover your dog’s genetic health with the Canine HealthCheck! Test for 250+ diseases and traits commonly found in dogs, with quick results in 14 days or less.


Support your dog’s ocular health with the #1 veterinarian recommended eye health supplement by veterinary ophthalmologists worldwide! Ocu-GLO® is a nutraceutical comprised of natural antioxidants, including Grapeseed extract, Lutein, and Omega-3 fatty acids.


Eliminate the bacteria that causes bad breath, remove plaque buildup, and protect your dog’s gums by adding Oxyfresh’s Pet Dental Water Additive to your dog's water dish. The patented formula is safe, tasteless, and odourless.

Our animals deserve to feel their best no matter their age, so what’s a better gift then the gift of health! PURICA Pet Recovery helps prevent injury, reduces pain and so much more!


Hero One is a revolutionary health supplement for dogs that contains high concentration of dog friendly probiotics, glucosamine, Green Lipped Mussel, Omegas and more. Perfect to supercharge your dog’s health.



Sammy’s Shiny Coat is responsible for the basic cellular health of body tissues in our furry friends. This 100% virgin, cold-pressed flax oil contains no fillers. It improves the shine of a pet’s coat and helps with various skin conditions and irritations.


Until now we’ve never been sure our dog supplements are able to work inside our pet’s body. ALL-IN is changing that. Find out why Vetericyn's incredible new supplement is guaranteed to work.


Dermabliss™ is veterinarian formulated to support dogs with seasonal allergies. Dermabliss chews contain premium natural ingredients, including Omega 3-6-9, Quercetin, Vitamins, and Bovine Colostrum to promote a healthy immune response and maintain normal histamine levels.

Some dogs, especially as they age, can have a difficult time digesting their food properly. Leading to digestive upset and a lot of horrible smells. Select powerful digestive enzymes and proven probiotics can really help.


Yummy Combs are made wide to deter gulping. Thin-walled ridges and deep pockets floss and scrub your dog’s teeth 360° to the gum line. All-natural, complete and balanced, grain-free, and gluten-free.