Bond with your pet with HandsOn Gloves! These award-winning gloves allow you to easily groom your dog, creating a happy and less stressful experience for both of you. Now available in purple!


The Zen Clippers from Pet Product Innovations make trimming your pet’s nails easy and safe! Adjust the opening of the blades to trim only the amount you choose – even if your pet moves or squirms. Its patented design prevents you from overcutting.


Buddy Custard is an all-natural frozen treat made specially for dogs. A few tablespoons added to a regular diet will help them avoid disease and ensure they live the healthiest life possible!


The perfect gift for a pet parent! ConairPRO Dog and Cat's 5-Piece Grooming Starter Kit gives you all of the essentials for an at-home grooming. Plush Squeaky Toy included to add some fun to the grooming session!


Give the gift of Releaf this holiday season with Pet Releaf CBD-infused Edibites. Edibites contain no fillers or chemical preservatives and flavours include peanut butter & banana, blueberry & cranberry, and pizza! 


Give the gift of a clean dog! Wondurdog dog wash kits feature an innovative shower brush with a flip down splash shield. Shower, sink faucet, and outdoor versions available. Wash your pet, don’t get wet!


The original Dexas MudBuster® paw washer is now available with a new twist-off travel lid that prevents accidental splashes or spills. Muddy paws go in, clean paws come out! Find it on Amazon!


Hydrate and feed your pet on-the-go with Instachew's Rover Travel Bottle! It gives pet owners flexibility to carry water, food, and even snacks for their beloved pet.


Help your best friend live their best life in 2021! Each My Pet Defense box includes your pet’s monthly supply of flea and tick protection, dental support, and an assortment of healthy chews.


Go ALL-IN with your dog's health! Packed with a complete source of nutrients and backed by cutting-edge absorption technology no other dog supplement has, ALL-IN™ reinvents the pet supplement!


To share a wet kiss with your loving pet is a happy moment. Daily dental care with ProDen PlaqueOff helps reduce plaque, tartar and bad breath – today and throughout life.

CBD can help ease several conditions your dog may be suffering from such as anixety, joint pain and inflammation, arthritis, digestion issues, and more. These high-quality hemp derived CBD pet treats from Beloved Paws CBD have a bacon flavour your dog will love!


56% of dogs are overweight or obese. SlimPaws, a daily chew, features a Fat Fighter Blend that is natural, safe, and scientifically proven to help dogs lose weight and live longer.


The original full body Recovery Suit® for your dog is a professional alternative to the medical cone and/or full body bandage. This versatile Reocvery Recovery Suit® protects your dog and environment during recovery, after a medical procedure, with a skin condition, when in heat or light incontinence and more.