You'll laugh, tear up, and nod your head in recognition as you read this new Chicken Soup for the Soul collection about the magic of dogs. Royalities from the book will support American Humane.


Read by Nicolas Ralph, the star of the upcoming PBS Masterpiece adaptation, these new audiobook recordings bring life to the beloved world of James Herriot and his menagerie of heartwarming, funny, and tragic animal patients.

Perfect for fans of All Creatures Great and Small, Barby Keel's Will You Love Me? is the emotional, joyful true story of a Greyhound named Bailey, the woman who rescued him, and the miraculous healing power of love.


Animal lovers will enjoy the heartwarming true stoires of senior dogs finding their forever homes. With illustrations, photos and more, Homecoming Tales will renew your hope in humankind.


Dubbed the 20th century's greatest pet photographer, Walter Chandoha is widely considered the father of modern pet photography! You can see why in Dogs, a new book of his collected dog photography featuring over 60 breeds.These peerless photographs capture not only the breadth of Chandoha's remarkable work, but our enduring relationship with dogs. Find it on Amazon! *


Award-winning photographer Randal Ford's latest book, Good Dog, is a stunning collection of flawless dog portraits that mangage to capture just what it is we love about dogs. Photos of 150 canines, from mutts to show dogs, highlight the rich diversity of canine companions and capture their warmth, humour, and intelligence. Find it on Amazon! *


Dave Coverly clearly gets dogs (and dog people), sending up their antics and endearing peculiarities and peccadilloes in Dogs Are People, Too, a laught-out-loud funny collection of dog cartoons from his brilliant nationally syndicated panel, Speedbump. Find it on Amazon! *


Carnegie, a pampered Russian Wolfhound show dog, comes of age in a misguided, daring, and delightful adventure to find her royal Russian home. Award-winning Long Nose Legacy makes a heartwarming gift for any dog lover! Find it on Amazon!


From the award-winning author of Amazon bestseller Someone to Look Up To is Nici's Christmas Tale, the perfect stocking-filler for dog-lovers. During a blizzard, Nici, the medieval sheepdog, tells his pups about the wolves. Find it on Amazon!


What they did. Where they went. Surprises happened! Love accompanies adopted shelter dogs Bea, B.B., and their "parents" on four unforgettable nonfiction road trips. Find it on Amazon!


Jack, a neglected boy, saves a neglected, starving dog and learns that one small moment can change a life forever. Floating Twigs is highly recommended in over 4,000 Amazon and Goodreads reader reviews! Find it on Amazon!


Not your typical dog stories (and one cat story)! Give the gift of reading for the holidays or pick up a copy for yourself!


This collection of humorous illustrations brings to life the playful banter between L.J. and her canine companion and gets to the heart of the bond between women and their dogs. Find it on Amazon!




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