Simplify bath time with Aquapaw's Pet Bathing Tool and the Slow Treater.  Distract your treat-loving pet while you give them a gentle bath like you're petting them.


Spina Organics' grooming products source the finest all-natural, vegan, botanical essential oils from around the world to insure your favorite family member is cleaner, happier, healthier, and smells incredible. Share the love!


The Dexas MudBuster provides quick cleaning of a dog's dirty or muddy paws, before they track muck all over the house! Perfect for keeping the house tidy when company comes over for the holidays. As seen on TV!

Make drying your dog a stress-free event with the Puff-N-Fluff! Your dog will love the warm air circulating around them and you will love how easy it is to eliminate that wet dog smell.


There's no better gift than bonding with your pet! HandsOn Gloves let you easily groom your dog, creating a happy and less stressful experience for both of you. They also make bath time a breeze!


DOOG’s Pet Pop-up Pool requires no poles for assembly and is perfect for bathing your dog outdoors. This award winning, patented pool even packs small for travel and holidays. No more messy indoor dog! Order at