Tim Welch Art in Danville, IL. is most known for stylistic portrait paintings of people in acrylic or watercolor. In June of 2018 he started focusing his art business on painting mostly pets on a commissioned basis for dog and cat lovers, mostly in the U.S. but even as far away as England. 

Think of one or two favorite pictures of your pets and imagine them as stylized paintings on your wall. Many artists create pet portraits but the fun part of the process with Tim Welch is the level of personal interaction you get with the artist. Tim believes that getting to know pet parents is one of the most crucial parts in creating the art and strives to create personal relationships through social media with his patrons and their pets. Working from your pictures or photos sent via email or social media, he offers a simple 3 step process from your first discussion with him to the time the painting is on your wall. This way you're not left wondering what's happening during the 2-3 week turn around time. You'll even get work in progress photos from him via email or social media throughout the process.

Having a handcrafted portrait of your pet is not as much about vanity as it used to be, its more about honoring our furry friends. A pet brings you a great deal of joy and happiness and a properly pampered pet appreciates how good they have it by the love they give you in return.

"Since our pets can live such short lives and bring so much joy to ours, it's important to preserve your pet's legacy as part of the family. As much as we may not realize (or admit) our dogs are family members and we love taking pictures of them. Since I usually work from photographs everything fell into place and it's great seeing the smiles on clients faces when they show off their new paintings!"

All a dog lover has to do is visit the web site at TimWelchArt.com and fill in the form or contact the artist via email, social media, or phone for pricing and other information.


More about the artist: 

Tim Welch graduated from the Master of Arts program at the top of his class in 2002 from Governor's State University, just south of Chicago. His work is mainly influenced by 20th century art movements such as pop art and photo realism. Living and working currently in Central Illinois he sells his work directly to collectors and patrons online cutting out the middlemen and passing the savings onto his customers.