Our animals show us unconditional love in its purest form. They are our most loyal companions, constantly navigating our energy to support our needs. This is something Pamela Robins experienced on a profound level when she was faced with a relentless series of major life challenges, including the death of her mother, her own cancer diagnosis, temporary loss of her voice from a paralyzed vocal cord, a divorce, and letting go of her home, businesses and identity – her life as she knew it – in order to find herself.
Her animals were instrumental in getting her through it all. Recognizing how hard they were working to comfort and heal her, Pamela worried their efforts could be depleting them of their own health and vitality. When she was strong again she wanted to return to them the extraordinary gifts they had given her.
And so it was that The Animal Method™ was born—a practice graciously given to Pamela by her beloved animal companions that is based on the idea of consciously recycling positive, healing energy between humans and animals. It involves mindfully observing and learning from your animal, taking cues from their natural state of being, and applying that wisdom to your own way of being.
Within the seven steps that make up the chapters of the book, Pamela shares with you how to discover the reasons to be in awe of your animal (Step 1), how to notice what your animal is sensing and use your own senses likewise (Step 2), how to go more fully into the present moment with them (Step 3), how to discover and explore the possibilities for meditating with your animals (Step 4), how to see that you can nurture your animal and yourself when you allow yourself to slow down (Step 5), how to give and receive unconditional love (Step 6), and finally, how to learn to stay in stillness with your animal in order to have more meaningful connections with them (Step 7). The chapters provide meditation exercises specially designed to help you achieve each step: Awe, Notice, In the Moment, Meditate, Allow, Love, and Stay. 
This is an 8 1/2 x 11 full color, beautifully designed story book filled with animal photos and tales as well as fun meditations such as "The Awesome Meditation," "The Let Go and Let Them Meditation,"  "The Walk on the Wild Side Meditation" and the "Everything but the Kitchen Sink Meditation."

Meditating with Animals was written with the hope of helping you see more clearly the teacher, the healer, the magical being who is right there at your feet—and the one also within you.