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Martha Stewart’s Pet Project

A Q+A with Martha plus her DIY dog tag instructions

By: Rose Frosek

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Photography by Anders Krusberg / The Martha Stewart Show and Johnny Miller

Our favourite doyenne of domesticity, the queen of craft, Martha Stewart, is not
only known for her impeccable taste but also for her love of French Bulldogs, in
particular, her two Frenchies, Francesca and Sharkey. To dog lovers who watch
The Martha Stewart Show, the pair are recognizable stars in their own right, frequently
appearing on her show to taste test dog biscuits and give their paws-up approval for dog themed
projects. Now, with the introduction of Martha Stewart’s new pet-keeping website,, we dog people finally have one-stop access to Martha’s wonderful
pet projects, as well as a place to check out the musings of Francesca and Sharkey,
written in their very own blog, The Daily Wag. Step-by-step instructions for over 30
projects are already posted on the site and a new craft will be introduced monthly. There
are also pet-related videos from The Martha Stewart Show, hundreds of articles pulled
from Martha Stewart Living, pet quizzes, advice, and photo contests for pets wearing
holiday-related costumes. With Martha’s love for pets apparent in this venture, we asked
her a few questions about her own menagerie.

5 Questions for
Martha Stewart

Q: Did you have pets
growing up?

A: Yes, but only a couple. We had a dog
named Shiner for a few months but my
mother could not cope with six children
and a dog. We also had a pet crow. I
think that’s why I have so many pets

Q: How many pets do you
have now?

A: I share my home with two dogs, five
cats, and 25 red canaries. That’s not to
overlook my three donkeys, five horses,
and more than 100 chickens.

Q: How long have you had
your two dogs? Were they
adopted or rescued?

A: Francesca and Sharkey are four years
old. They came from JustUs Frenchies in
Maryland. Some of my cats have been
purchased, some adopted. Four of my
horses have been purchased and one is

Q: Do you subscribe to a particular
training method?

A: I treat my dogs like little children—I
talk to them, reprimand them gently, and
spoil them. They want to please, which
makes training very easy.

Q: What activities do you like
to do with your dogs?

A: I often go for long walks with
Francesca and Sharkey. They are very
active dogs who enjoy outdoor activities
as much as I do. They also like to run
after the horses and the four-wheeler.
They are constantly with me and they
especially like to visit town, go window
shopping, watch movies, and drive in
the car.

Make Martha’s Pet ID Tags

Use Martha’s downloadable template and easy-to-find
materials to create a cute customized ID tag for your dog.

Tools and Materials

* Shrinky Dinks printable plastic
sheets (available at craft stores or
online at
* Regular or decorative-edge scissors
* Hole punch


1. Download Martha’s Pet ID tag
template to your computer’s desktop.

Open the file and type your dog’s
name and your phone number.

2. 2. Print tags on a Shrinky Dinks
printable plastic sheet. Cut out
with regular or decorative-edge
scissors and punch a hole where
indicated. Bake according to package
instructions; let cool. Seal both
sides with matte clear-coat spray
before attaching to collar.


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By: Rose Frosek
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