For nine years Dana Larsen has been the director of the Vancouver Dispensary Society, a non-profit which provides medical cannabis products to thousands of members.

Most members are humans, but they are increasingly serving our four-legged friends as well. The benefits of cannabis medicines are not limited to humans at all!

Over the years Larsen has heard and seen many wonderful stories of animals benefitting from access to cannabis medicines. From puppies with parvo to cats with arthritis, cannabis can treat wide range of animal ailments.

For animals, the best mode of treatment is usually drops given orally. The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary sells two different strengths of cannabis pet drops at the dispensaries. Many pets learn to enjoy the relief given by cannabis medicine, and will seek it out.

One dog owner recently shared about how their dog will nudge them towards the cabinet which holds the cannabis medicine, and then curl up their lip in anticipation of being given a dose! Animals know what works, and when they feel better.

Cannabis-infused oils and salves can also be applied directly to the skin. This helps with faster healing of wounds and scars, as well as pain relief. Because they are so much smaller, our pets don't need as much as we do, and rubbing the cannabis-infused oil into their skin can have a profound calming and healing effect.

Larsen's family dog suffered a traumatic injury last year, and they have found that cannabis oils and extracts have helped her immensely. In terms of pain relief, faster healing and overall recovery, there's no question that cannabis has been instrumental in her healing process. She seeks out the cannabis drops when she needs them, and also knows when she has had enough.

As with any medicine, it's important to get the dosage right. Start off small, and work your way up to a level that works for your particular pet.

Cannabis medicine: good for all kinds of friends, whether they have two legs, or four!