March is National Severe Weather Preparedness Month. No matter where you live, work or play you’re at risk from a severe weather event at all times of the year. Some communities face hurricanes and flooding, others face tornadoes or snowstorms. BE PREPARED! We all want to, but we get sidetracked. ON THE ROAD PET has taken the next step for you. Get our Safe Travels & Adventure Kit now. Each style has everything you need to take care of your dog (and you) in an emergency. Even if you get to a shelter, it may not have supplies for you and your dog (or cat). Our Kits come in two styles of backpacks and have 5 year shelf life water and a collapsible bowl, TurboPup dog food, one-size-fits-all collar and leash combo, a DIY ID for your pet, an emergency blanket, a custom veterinarian designed first aid kit and poop bags.  Keep one in the car or the closet by the door, and know that you are the best pet parent you can be. Loving, loyal and PREPARED!