Although I don’t have as much time as I’d like to putter in the kitchen concocting nutritious and mouthwatering meals for my dog, when I do find the time, it gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction placing a home-cooked meal in front of her (and the way Penny gobbles it up, I know she loves it). Penny’s favourite is chicken which I’ll cook up with some broth, brown rice and carrots, but I always wonder if the finished product is going to meet her nutritional needs.  I was therefore delighted to discover Wellytails grain-free make-at-home dog food base mix, which added to your own ingredients (along with their vitamin and oils products), makes a complete and nutri-balanced meal. So with Modern Dog mascots Esther and Penny on hand to be my able-bodied (and more than willing) testers I got to work and whipped up a dinner for them that they absolutely loved Here’s how I did it…

Start with WellyChef's Veggie & Fruit & Chia Canine Blend, WellyTails Ensure Multi Canine Vitamins & Chelated Mineral Premix along with their Essential Oils.

I gently simmered some ground beef until it was just cooked through, but you can also use chicken or another type of meat (you could also use raw if you like).


The recipe allows inclusion of one of the optional permitted carbohydrates (cooked quinoa, cooked brown rice, cooked oatmeal, cooked pearled barley or cooked white potato). I had some left over steamed white potatoes, that I chopped up and added along with the suggested cooked, finely diced/chopped egg.


Here's what the Welly Chef meal mix looks like when you add water. You let it soak for 15-20 minutes before adding the other ingredients.

Then I added the cooked meat, egg, potato, vitamins and oils.

Here's what it looks like after adding the mix, water, meat, chopped egg, chopped potatoes, vitamin/mineral premix and essential oils.

Mix it all up and it's ready to serve!

Here's Esther and Penny yumming down their delicious and wholesome dinner. Two paws up for WellyTails and Mom!


There was enough left over to package up for other meals. What couldn't be used in the next day or two I froze for future meals.