After several years on the European markets the German MajorDog line of play and traing toys for dogs is now also available in America.

First and foremost, MajorDog toys are amongst the safest possible for your dog's health. They are certified by the prestigious third-party TÜV test and thereby meet all the non-contaminant restrictions as in toys for human babies and toddlers.  No possible side-effects, no possible allergic reactions. You can safely let both your baby and doggie play "retrieve" on the floor.

The material is a combination of multi-layered heat-treated nylon and natural , undiluted rubber – both making the toys far stronger and more durable than most other dog-toys.

The packaging of each toy clearly explains it's functionality – throw and retrieve, retrieve from water, tug'o'war, squeeks or blissfully quiet, strengthens teeth and gums.

These toys are made for repeated training as well as of course play and having fun.