It's International Women's Day! Spend the day honouring the human women in your life, and around the world. In the meantime, here are some photos of some lovely lady dogs!


1) Koko Chanel

Standard Poodle Koko Chanel is pretty in pink!


2) Brave Athena

Brave Athena is named for a Greek goddess of wisdom, a great name to represent the potential of strong women!


3) Misty Blue

Misty Blue looks beautiful in this scenery!


4) Rosie Snyder

Little Rosie reflects on Rosie the Riveter on International Women's Day!


5) Luna

Luna thinks: do male dogs always have to be the alpha?


6) Willow

Willow blazes a trail and honours trailblazing women of the world!


7) Lola

Shy Lola is humbled by the many wonderful women in her life!


8) Princess Daisy May of Windsor

Princess Daisy May of Windsor has a fantastic name. Here's to female royalty and women in power around the world!


9) Sheba

Sheba is named for a queen and is a therapy dog!


10) Paris Perfection

Paris Perfection is new to the world, but is enjoying her first of many Women's Days!


11) Daisy White

Daisy White encourages you to thank and honour the lovely ladies in your life once you finish with this webpost!