We are the majority

There are millions of Pit Bull owners across North America who live peaceful lives with their beloved family pets. Families like these are the rule, not the exception. 

They are you, perhaps, or your co-workers, neighbours, and friends. And they are definitely the majority. Unfortunately, these everyday stories are not the ones that get told. Non-profit organization Animal Farm Foundation (AFF) aims to change that.

Their new initiative, the Majority Project, is a photo collection of countless bully breed owners—no different than any other dog owner—and their adored dogs, smiling from the couch or romping in the yard, their everydayness highlighting the ridiculousness of stereotypes and discrimination. This is heartwarming stuff, people. We immediately wanted to participate.

To join the ranks, go to themajorityproject.com, print and personalize an “I am the MAJORITY” sign, and then submit a photo with your bully breed dog. Some of the photos will be chosen to appear in The Majority Project public service announcement, starring actor and bully breed owner Jon Bernthal to help raise awareness
for the cause.

As AFF notes, breed-specific legislation (BSL) causes discrimination against dog owners based on their dog’s appearance and doesn’t make communities safer. Though many cities have begun to abolish such laws, BSL is still enforced in some communities, (AFF has a handy Breed Specific Legislation Map on their site, animalfarmfoundation.org). As the Majority Project beautifully illustrates, the overwhelming majority of Pit Bull dog owners love and care for their pets in a responsible manner, including proper maintenance, control, and containment of their dogs. By treating all dogs as individuals and empowering pet owners to be responsible, we create communities that are safe and humane.