During the winter of 2005, a young pittie puppy named Loki was adopted by a nice lady named Kristen after being neglected and abandoned. Despite his rocky start, Loki beat the odds and blossomed into a wonderful dog, excelling at obedience and obtaining his Canine Good Neighbour certificate. Kristen had found her "heart dog".

After only three years of blissful companionship, Loki succumbed to mounting health issues and passed away. Kristen and her partner decided to honour Loki’s short-but-well lived life with a donation campaign dedicated to help shelter dogs find a home for the holidays. Donation of food, treats, toys, blankets, collars and leashes are distributed to all dog breeds at shelters in need – and cats, too!

Since 2008, 15 BC shelters and rescue groups have benefitted from Loki’s Christmas Wish, and this year me and my brood are trying to do our part to help! My three spoiled brats want for nothing, so instead of fancy, high priced Christmas gifts this year, we’ll be putting those funds towards buying items for dogs in need in our area. Don’t feel sorry for my guys, they’ll still get a special stocking full on Christmas morning, but the bulk of their gift fund will go towards blankets, toys and treats for dogs that really need it! After all, my dogs sleep on a faux-hide rug, what more do they need?

If you’re from BC, check out their website or facebook page for drop-off locations in your area. If you’re not from BC, find a local rescue organization in your city putting together a similar drive and give whatever you can!  Visit SaveOurPetsFoodBank.org for a list of pet food banks across the US, and the Kibble Pet Food Bank Network for a list of pet food banks across Canada.