New to the States & already selling like hot Rocks (excuse the pun) are Dog Rocks, a 100% natural prevention & cure to pet urine burn marks. Dog Rocks have been in the Australian, UK and European market for well over 6 years with over a million sales worldwide (rumour has it the UK Royal Families dogs swear by them!).

Dog Rocks will dispel every pet owner’s fear of allowing their dog to roam free in their garden. Dog Rocks will help to stop pet urine killing grass, box hedge & shrubs in one quick cock of the leg or delicate squat. With Dog Rocks, your dog can SAVE your lawn & you can let your pet enjoy your garden as much as you do!

Dog Rocks are a 100% natural, cost effective, safe, hassle free & non medicinal way to rid your grass and yard of urine burn patches; with regular use you will have perfectly green grass, urine burn patch free, allowing your whole family, pets included, enjoy your yard all year round.

Dog Rocks cause excess nitrogen from drinking water & urea to be filtered out into the Rock its self, acting like a sponge & reaching a saturation point at around 2 months. A high concentration of nitrates can cause grass to turn yellow or brown. Urine is naturally high in nitrogen & alone can cause grass burns but by using Dog Rocks, less nitrates go into the dog meaning that less nitrates are coming out the other end.

It may seem like female dog urine causes more trouble to the lawn than male dog urine. This is not only because female urea can be more concentrated but also because most females tend to squat & urinate in one place, while many males as we know lift the leg and "mark" upright objects in multiple locations. That said, the composition of a dog's urine does not vary that much between male and female dogs, especially when spayed or neutered hence the problem of burn marks on grass is caused by both male and female dogs.

Dog Rocks are endorsed by vets and sold to pet owners worldwide.