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Listen to Your (Dog’s) Gut

New microbiome testing kit provides gut health insight

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Your dog’s gut health is crucial to their overall wellbeing. A healthy microbiome (the good bacteria in the gut) keeps “bad” bacteria in check—too much bad bacteria can lead to syndromes like IBS—and influences digestion, energy levels, disease development, and even emotions. Researchers believe the gut may even “talk” to the brain. Studies show that the balance of bacteria in the gut microbiome may affect emotions and the way the brain processes sensory information. Scientists suspect that negative changes in the bacteria balance may play a role in depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. In short, gut health affects the whole body.

Thus, investigating your dog’s gut health can provide important insight on your dog’s immune system function, weight management, and even mood and behaviour. Testing your dog’s microbiome and gut health is now super easy with Nom Nom's Insights Microbiome Kit. Simply collect and mail a stool sample from your dog and NomNomNow’s scientists will evaluate the types of bacteria that reside in the gut, then send a report describing the overall structure and how that compares to other dogs. If your dog is lacking any good bacterium, they’ll suggest diet adjustments you can implement to keep your dog’s gut happy and healthy! ($59,


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