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Let’s have fun!

Activities to keep your dog busy, happy & mentally engaged

By: By Elizabeth Pask and Laura Scott

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Zippy Paws

Hide-and-Seek Toy by Zippy Paws

This adorable interactive hide-and- seek toy has three small, squeaky dogs hidden inside. Dogs love to stick their noses in and dig out the critters! $16,

Mammoth Pet

Dogsavers Treat Ball by Mammoth Pet

Mammoth Dogsavers Treat Ball is buoyant (it floats!), super durable, and has a hollow for secreting treats in, guaranteeing long lasting fun both in and out of the water! $5,

Nina Ottosson

Treat Maze by Nina Ottosson

Nina Ottosson, maker of super-cool smart dog toys, has another hit on her hands. Entertain your dog while exercising his brain with the Treat Maze for dogs. It unpredictably wobbles, rocks, and spins, encouraging your dog to figure out how to manipulate it so the treats pass through the interior maze and fall out. $20,

Company of Animals

Green Slow Feeder by Company of Animals

The Green Slow Feeder let’s you turn meals into a challenging game, keeping boredom at bay, and slowing down fast eating, which prevents bloat. Just pour the food on! $40,

Dog Tread

K9FitBone by Dog Tread

Power play. Develop your dog's core strength, balance, and endurance for better overall health with the K9FitBone. This balance platform designed especially for dogs is an awesome tool that uses instability training to improve your dog's fitness. Awesome for accompanying an agility training regimen. $70,

Pound Puppies

Pound Puppies

One for the Kids! Remember Pound Puppies? Well these adorable, plush stuffies from the ‘80s are back and cuter than ever! We of course love the rescue message they carry with them: You “rescue” a lovable puppy, write his or her name on the heart-shaped dog tag then register your pup online to get your very own printable adoption certificate. Talk about adorable! Choose from Beagle, Labrador, Bulldog, and Poodle. $18,


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By: By Elizabeth Pask and Laura Scott
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