It’s Time To Celebrate!


The Fall issue marks Modern Dog’s tenth birthday! When I
think back to the launch of our first issue in 2002 published out of a tiny
office in the loft of my house, it seems almost unbelievable we’ve come so far.
With no previous publishing experience,
in an industry that sees more failed ventures than successful ones, those first
few years of publishing were the most overwhelming I’ve ever experienced, it
felt like the first day on the job for at least two years! Knowing none of the
rules, we simply forged ahead creating our own path to success and now here we
are, a decade later, celebrating Modern Dog’s tenth birthday and the successes
and milestone moments that brought us here. I feel so privileged to have
arrived at this point. THANK YOU to all our loyal readers. You are amazing and
we couldn’t have done it without you. Of everything, the thing I’m most proud
of is the community we’ve built, a terrific, empowered network of dog lovers,
sharing advice, knowledge, and advocating for the underdog. Together we’re a
powerful, interconnected community that can use our combined voices to
influence positive change and make the world a better place for dogs and people
alike. So, here’s to us and the next ten years together!