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Lack Time? Here’s 4 Convenient Ways to Keep Your Dog Fit

Don't let a busy schedule keep your dog from daily exercise

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#1. Bike with your dog. Ideal for dogs that have lots of energy to burn, biking with your dog allows for a lot of exercise in a small amount of time. Although toy breeds won’t be able to keep up, all other fit, healthy dogs that like to run are good biking candidates. (Neither really young dogs nor old dogs need apply.) A bike attachment like the Springer America keeps both dog and rider safe.

#2. Trade off with a fellow dog-person. If a friend or trusted neighbour has a dog your dog gets along with, why not switch off dog walking duties? One day you take the dogs for an extra-long walk then they do. If you have someone you can set up this exchange with, do it!

#3. Supercharge your fetch game by increasing the distance your dog has to run to retrieve. Chuckit or slingshot-style ball launchers can triple the distance of your throw. Check out for an array of ball launchers, from Chuckit's pro model to one designed for indoor use.

#4. Hire a dog walker, even if just once a week. When you don’t have the time, or are away during the day for long periods, consider hiring a dog walker to get your dog out and moving. Going rate is anywhere from $15–$30 for a half-hour to an hour, depending on your location. Ideal maximum number of dogs per dog walker is three or four, depending on the demeanor of the dogs.

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