KRUUSE believes that interactive play and the mental stimulation it provides are crucial to the overall well being of a healthy pet. To help provide this stimulation KRUUSE has created a line of BUSTER toys that are fun for both pets and their parents.

Pet owners might be surprised to find out that their dogs are smarter than they think. They also might be surprised that mentally stimulating dogs is a great way to contribute to their overall health and happiness. So how are pet parents to go about stimulating their dog’s brain? KRUUSE has designed several challenging interactive BUSTER toys which include: the ActivityMat, the Flex Range, Strong Range and Crunch interactive toys all designed to stimulate the brain.

“People often overlook the importance of providing their pets with mental stimulation,” says Lars Lund, Sales Director the Americas. “Everyone is aware of the need for proper exercise, but it is also important to provide for your pets mental needs. Of course you will provide them with the love and affection that they crave, but it is also important to provide them with problem solving interaction that will stimulate them mentally and increase their dexterity.”

The ActivityMat is fun for both dogs and their owners. It consists of a heavy fabric mat on which there are 35 press-on snaps. Dog owners can choose from a series of different tasks that snap into place on the mat. Most of these tasks have varying levels of difficulty that present the dog with different challenging and motivational drivers. Pet owners should always be present with their pet when playing with the mat.

The BUSTER ActivityMat starter set includes the mat, a storage bag and three different tasks. Examples of tasks include envelopes with Velcro closers and pockets that are connected in different ways via ties or wooden sticks, which must be removed in order for the dog to get to the enclosed treats.

Renowned Swedish dog psychologist and animal behaviorist Anders Hallgren says, “Thanks to its simplicity, which makes the ActivityMat easy and fast for the dog owner to prepare, and the high content of problems for the dog to solve, the BUSTER ActivityMat is something all dog owners will enjoy as much as their dogs.”

Other BUSTER interactive toys include the Flex Range which contains four unique styles of toys all made from the highest grade of non-toxic, anti-bacterial silicone. The Flex Ball, Flex Star, Flex Bone and Flex Fly Wheel can all act as traditional play toys or can be filled with either dry treats or wet food for an extra special treat.

The Buster Sensory Ball will activate all of a dogs senses. It has a distinctive beef smell, a squeak and rattle to stimulate the sense of hearing, several different textures around the ball for the sense of feel, and three different color patterns to stimulate the sense of sight.



The BUSTER Color Squeak Rope is a tough durable rope with two squeakers inside. It makes an ideal fetch or chew toy. It is available in either baby blue, baby pink or purple.

The Buster Strong Range of durable non-toxic rubber is designed to stand up to even the most aggressive chewers. The Strong Bone, Strong Y-Bone and Strong S-Bone are great for fetching and chewing while the Strong Ball with rope are great for those dogs who like to play tug-o-war.

The Buster Crunch Toys are designed to be great chew toys. Made with a non-toxic tough TPR rubber exterior and a special crunchy plastic interior these bone or ball shaped toys are great for a most satisfying chew.

“All of these toys were designed to keep dogs entertained and mentally engaged,” added Lund. “Along with exercise it is important to make sure that pets aren’t bored. These toys provide a way for pet owners to interact with their pets enriching their lifestyle by providing them with a means of positive stimulation.”


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