@knox_and_bear features the adventures of two rescues and one rescued purebred! These adorably photogenic Boston sweethearts Knox, Bear and Harper pose for photos wherever they go. Expect to see their mischievous tendencies, charming solo/group shots and jet-setting experiences in the most stylish gear.

Bear. After spending weeks on Petfinder, I saw his face and fell in love. On July 5th of 2014, we sat at a rest stop in Connecticut waiting for the RV to pull in, delivering him from a shelter in Arkansas. The truck arrived and I was handed my sleepy little pup. After 3 days with an extremely placid puppy, Bear fell ill with Parvovirus. His first few days in the ICU were not hopeful, but on the 4th day, he turned the corner. Today, Bear is a happy, healthy 1.5 year old.

Knox. A few months later, we were informed of a poor kept breeder that would be closing with over 100+ dogs. We decided to check the situation out, and after arriving into a pen of newly bred English Golden Retrievers (so they said), we decided to rescue yet again. The peppiest and naughtiest one, we would call Knox. Now 1 years old, we know Knox is a Golden Retriever/Labrador mix and that his mischievous side will not fade!

Harper. Three months later we were browsing PetFinder, (again!) and stumbled upon a sweet red, chubby puppy from Ward Animal Shelter. Listed as Hunny, she was one of the few litter mates left. Her adorable puppy wrinkles and curious expression sold us on the fact that we needed a girl to round out the pack. We scooped her up at the end of June 2015. She immediately fit right into the family. Her spunk and sassiness keeps the boys in line daily.


– JL