Kittyscoop performed a national survey asking cat owners what was they thought to be the most frustrating part of owning a cat. The number one answer they received was cleaning the litter box with traditional litter scoopers and keeping the surrounding area clean. Kittyscoop was developed to offer cat owners an easier and healthier alternative to cleaning the litter box. Using the all in once Kittyscoop reduces dust, allergens and contact with the litter when cleaning the litter. Scientists have proven illnesses can spread from cat to human (zoonotic disease) and stress the importance of keeping the litter box and surrounding area clean for the health of all family members.

The creators of Kittyscoop say "now scoop and bag in one motion with the Worlds Best Litter Scooper!" They welcome the pet industry trade to come visit them at booth #4289 at Global Pet Expo, in Orlando, Florida.