After several years of trying to resist allowing Roxy and Cash up on the furniture, I’ve recently come to the conclusion that life is too short not to snuggle all the time. So now the dogs join me on the couch anytime I’m on it. This has improved both mine and their quality of life substantially, however it has quickly aged my sofa, not to mention making it smell really bad. I tried throwing down a comforter first, but found it to be too large and too hot, that is until I found the Wash’n Zip bed.

When this arrived at our office I agreed to test it out thinking the dogs could always use another spot to sleep. I didn’t realize how important this bed/blanket would become. You see the Wash’n Zip starts out as a cozy sherpa bed, however once you unzip it, it unfolds into a large, durable, stain resistant blanket that’s perfect for covering furniture or the back of your car. The best part is that it gives the dogs a clear boundry of which space on the couch is theirs, and which is mine (although Roxy crosses this line on occasion). Even if when we’re not home, they’ll stick to the side of the couch with the Wash’n Zip on it!

So to sum up, this multipurpose marvel of simple ingenuity gets two thumbs (and eight paws) up!