Remember that time you were frantically searching through stacks of papers because you're taking your dog to a new [groomer, vet, boarder] and they need the up-to-date vaccination records? No, the tag will not work. They need the certificate…

If only there were an easy way to keep track of pet health records.

Thankfully, the search is over. Pet parents can now get online cloud-based access to their pet’s veterinary history with a digitized health record from Activ4Pets. No more guesswork, no more uncertainty. Just pick up your smartphone and pull the information you need.

You can share health info with friends, family and most importantly veterinarians. So, if there’s ever a medical emergency, or you need to access Fido’s health info for any reason, you have everything at your fingertips to expedite care and communicate with your veterinarian easily via smartphone.

This digital, intuitive, paperless technology also allows you to update records on the go, set treatment reminders or food plans, and even store your favorite pet photos. It’s everything a tech-savvy pet parent could need!

Here’s how it works…

Upon registering, Activ4Pets collects your pet’s entire veterinary history (medications, allergies, vaccinations, x-rays, test results and more), transfers the data to their secure, encrypted platform, and creates a comprehensive health profile. Members can use their smartphone, tablet or computer to access the information online all the time, wherever they are in the world!

And that’s not all. Activ4Pets also provides a suite of online health services – including e-Consultations – allowing you to consult with your veterinarian via webcam.

Activ4Pets membership starts at $50 per year which covers up to 4 pets. Please visit for more information and additional membership options.