Although I am a huge supporter of rescue and the proud guardian of three adopted and/or fostered dogs, I have to admit that when I brought each one of my buddies home, I had ulterior motives – I wanted these dogs because I love how happy they make me. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about their well being, it just means that for me, adoption was not a selfless act. I’m not sure where this self-centered complex stems from. Perhaps it’s a variation on the "eldest child" syndrome, or maybe it’s a side effect of growing up in a dog-less household. Whatever the reason, I feel an uncontrollable need to be the favourite of every dog I meet, and for the most part, I am. I know that I’m the center of Roxy and Cash’s world; they would choose an afternoon snuggling with me over a steak dinner anytime! This is why Chance continues to baffle me, no matter what I do or how hard I try, his heart belongs to another – my boyfriend, Jeremy.

I think it is completely unfair that I found this dog and brought him into my home and my heart, only to have him become enamoured with the man who wasn’t even sure he wanted him! What is it about Jeremy that he finds so intriguing? Is it because he plays hard to get? Maybe I’m coming off as too desperate or needy. Could it be that Jeremy shows no fear whereas I’ve been tainted by Chance’s frightful fangs? Or maybe he simply prefers the company of another XY-chromosoner. Either way, it’s not fair.

Before I drown in my river of self pity, I should make it clear that Chance does not dislike me. I still feel love and admiration when he looks up at me adoringly, but I can’t help but have hurt feelings when he turns and scurries off in the direction of Jeremy’s voice. Sure, he’ll let me pet him and will happily lie still for his bath, but when it comes to the tricky stuff (administering meds, clipping nails, applying cream to paw pads) the big guns have to be called in. I don’t get it – this dog is literally biting the hand that feeds him!

Most of you reading this are probably thinking that it should be enough that my other two dogs favour my company over that of any other. You’re right, it should be, but it isn’t. I want – no, I need to be the best at everything, and this is no exception. I must find a way to charm Chance into loving me the most…any suggestions?