Jolly Pets®, Inc. announced the launch of their highly anticipated new product, the Jolly Soccer Ball™.  This dog proof soccer ball lets you keep your eyes on the real goal – having fun with your pup!  Made of JollyFlex™ material, this ball can be punctured and will not deflate.  Even if your dog puts a hole in it, this toy will still keep its shape.  Whether you kick it, fetch it, chase it or catch it, the Jolly Soccer Ball™ is great for all types of dogs! 

This product will be shown at Global Pet Expo for the first time.  Available in 2 sizes, 3 colors and a POP display, the Jolly Soccer Ball™ promises to be one of the hottest new pet products released this year. 

“The bottom line is that dogs love balls; especially your kid’s soccer ball.  If it is round and can be kicked or thrown, chances are your dog thinks it’s his and traditional soccer balls are no match for our sharp toothed friends” stated Louisa Marvin Marketing Director for Jolly Pets “To solve this problem, we created a dog proof soccer ball made out of our signature JollyFlex™ material that will withstand your dogs bite as well as encourage healthy exercise and play”

Stop in and see the new Jolly Soccer Ball in booth # 2245 at Global Pet Expo!