Introducing “Doctor Wilbur,” a spunky white Westie and the new mascot for Mister Migs Dog Gear for Good, a nonprofit helping young adults with autism or other developmental disability unleash their careers and become productive and independent.

There’s a lot of reasons why Doctor Wilbur is perfect to take on the task of Official Mister Migs Mascot. Besides the fact that he’s cute in every way, this West Highland Terrier thrives on work but will also make you laugh with his friendly, lively nature; a perfect fit in the Mister Migs Design and Production Studios where mentors and professionals work alongside young adults developing their work skills—but having fun too!

Doctor Wilbur is so full of self esteem that he acts like he’s the best thing around! He’s a model of positive energy and confidence for our young adults working on their career paths.

As the Mascot, Wilbur dons new styles every day, testing quality and fit, ensuring that every product is ready for playdates and parties. The gear lives up to the lively antics of Doctor Wilbur–every style is built to last and with attention to detail from the inside out. At Mister Migs you will find fashionable bowties (like Wilbur’s shown) harnesses, dog beds, and even bandannas!

Check out Doctor Wilbur and his Mister Migs fine dog gear, support their important cause with your purchases and walk proud like Doctor Wilbur too!