As mentioned in my previous blog, Goldie, Modern Dog’s Officially Unofficial Sock Puppet Mascot is getting up to some Olympic shenanigans.  Acting as a behind-the-scenes reporter she allows us to get a glimpse of the goings-on of the canine-inclined Vancouverites on a picture-perfect sunny Olympic morning at the dog-beach in Kitsilano in Vancouver, BC.  Since we’ve all imagined at one time or another what it must be like to be an Olympic athlete, Goldie asks the humans belonging to these canine kids what Olympic sport their pooches would mostly likely be suited for. Here’s what they had to say:

With her agile leaps and bounds Giant Schnauzer Carrie would "most likely be found on the ski slopes negotiating moguls."

Labradoodle Juno’s long slim legs would definitely have her in the lead during "a X-Country race."

Don’t let Scuffy’s laid-back and gentle personality fool you, as Skip of her "curling team" her mind is in high gear strategizing her team’s next move.

With her winsome ways and fluid movements, Sofie, a Maltese haling from Seattle, would be "a natural Ice Dancer."

Although most Golden Doodles are of taller stature, Sadie’s low center of gravity and go-get-‘em personality would have her winning gold in "snowboarding."

What Olympic sport would your dog excel at?