Puppy Mills
A while back a fifteen year old boy emailed us to request advertising rates to promote his business that, upon questioning, turned out to be an online hub for brokering puppies.  Needless to say we turned him down. Modern Dog doesn’t accept advertising from anyone selling dogs as we don’t have the time it would take to determine if the request came from a legitimate breeder. Breeders who care about their dogs would never sell them through an online brokering service, nor would they allow them to be sold through a pet store. Generally, the dogs that come from these sources are supplied by puppy mills. Every single day I receive emails or press releases about puppy mill exposés and hear about dogs that have been rescued from torturous lives where they’ve been shut in tiny wire cages, living in unsanitary conditions, bred again and again, until their lives are spent.  The unscrupulous breeders who run these puppy mill operations treat the dogs as commodities and are concerned only with making money.  If you’re thinking about getting a dog, please consider rescue as a first option, there are so many dogs (including pure breds) in shelters awaiting their forever homes. Here’s a cute video courtesy of the ASPCA that brings home this message.

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