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How Much Do We Love Our Dogs? Let Us Count the Ways…

How Much Do We Love Our Dogs? Let Us Count the Ways…

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A recent survey of 1,014 American pet parents, undertaken by, found most willing to put their beloved pets unequivocally first.


would work a second job to pay for their pet’s health care.



would take a pay cut for a year if it meant they could spend more time with their pet.


would end a relationship with a partner who didn’t like their pet. This number is even higher for women, at 64%.


would rather give up all junk food than their pet (Begging the question: who are the other 4%?!)


would pony up the money for pet therapy if needed.


would rather give up the ability to leave their house for two years than their pet.


of women would even end a relationship with someone their pet didn’t like. And while romantic relationships may be easier to sever than those with family and friends, some are still willing to choose a furry companion over their pals and parents—25% of people would cut off a friend or family member who didn’t like their pet.


This article originally appeared in the award-winning Modern Dog magazine. Subscribe today!




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