Over my years publishing Modern Dog, I’ve had an opportunity to speak to
many, many dog lovers, and had the privilege to get a glimpse into their
lives because of our shared love of dogs. Time and again, I hear incredibly
heart-touching tales of lives changed (and even saved) by people bringing a
dog into the family.

I, for one, can testify to this, my life was turned upside down when Kaya, a
rambunctious, overly-energetic and neurotic Pointer cross came into my life.
To begin with, living with Kaya was somewhat of a love/hate relationship.
Believe me, she would have tried the patience of a saint. Although we didn’t
realize it at the time, that crazy dog helped me through a marriage
split-up, an extremely sad and stressful time in my life. She was just what
we–my daughters and I–needed, diverting our attention through her (very
bad) behaviour and crazy ways. She was also my key to a whole new social
circle of warm and welcoming dog lovers. It was Kaya and those new found
friends who helped me get on with life and inspired me to start a new
venture–Modern Dog magazine. Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks to
my Kaya-girl as she was the catalyst that made it all happen. Sadly, late
last year, we had to say goodbye to Kaya. She passed on at the ripe old age
of 16 years and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her.

Now it’s your turn–I would love to hear your story. How did you meet your
dog? Modern Dog is holding a writing contest and three (or more!) winning
entries will be published in an upcoming issue of Modern Dog. You’ve got to
hurry though as the contest closes September 1st. Enter/contest details: