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How Does It Work?

These amazing dog products offer nifty solution to vexing problems

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1. Silent Squeakers

Is your dog mad for squeaky toys but the high-pitched squeak is driving you around the bend? Squeak, squeak, squeak, SQUEAK, squeeeeeak, Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!—until you snatch the toy away. Sound familiar? Luckily there’s a solution that let’s your dog have fun while saving your sanity: Hear Doggy Ultrasonic Plush squeaky toys. Here’s how it works: Human hearing tops out at 20 KHz, while dogs can hear sounds up all the way up to 45 KHz. So Hear Doggy created a 28 KHz squeaker. To people it simply sounds like a puff of air but to dogs it’s a super-gratifying squeak they go crazy for! Bonus: the durable flat body variety has Chew Guard technology and is stuffing-less, meaning no drifts of stuffing from disemboweled toys! $13,

2. Anti-Anxiety Solution

Does your dog suffer from thunderstorm anxiety? Try a pressure wrap, such as ThunderShirt or Anxiety Wrap. They offer a simple, medication-free anxiety solution. Here’s how it works: These specially designed wraps resembling a snug fitting jacket use acupressure and maintained pressure to relieve stress and lessen fear, in essence hugging your dog to make him feel safer. Independent clinical research studies undertaken by prestigious researchers such as Dr. Temple Grandin and Nicole Cottam and Dr. Nicholas Dodman of the Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine found both products to be more than 80% effective in reducing signs of storm phobia. Verdict: this is a safe, drug-free, and effective solution to thunder storm anxiety—it’s proven! $35,; $40,


3. Pet-Friendly Green Lawn

Has your dog’s urine left yellow burn patches on your lawn? There’s an all-natural solution—Dog Rocks. Here’s how it works: This all-natural rock is mined in Australia, where it has been sold for nine years as a simple way to save your lawn. Just place the Dog Rocks in your dog’s water dish and they will filter out impurities in the water, such as tin, ammonia, and nitrates. It is these impurities that pass with your dog’s urine, creating the burned yellow patches in your grass. Dog Rocks are chemical-free and don’t change the pH of your dog’s urine. Simply replace the Dog Rocks in your dog’s water every two months and your dog gets cleaner water and your lawn stays healthy! From $17,


4. De-Shedding Tools

Are you, your home, and your car all coated in dog hair? The Andis Pet DeShedding Tool promises to reduce your dog (or cat’s) hair by up to 90 percent. Photos and videos show an outrageous amount of hair removed—like enough to create a second dog with. Pretty impressive stuff. So does it live up to the hype? In short, it most certainly does. Here’s how it works: the comb’s fine teeth/blade combo takes out not just the excess hair that’s about to be shed, but specifically targets the undercoat. Don’t let this scare you—the process is just like brushing your dog; it won’t scratch skin and maintains the topcoat. Removing excess undercoat is key to significantly reducing the tumbleweeds of dog hair collecting in the corners of your house/on your couch. The Andis Pet DeShedding Tool might just be your new best friend, after Rover, of course; one look at all the four and five-star reviews on Amazon will tell you there’s a lot of happy customers out there. Now excuse us while we go finish the rewarding task of de-shedding our dogs. From $34,

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