The much-anticipated Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will soon be upon us (February 9th and 10th) and if you’re planning a trip to New York to take in this event, you’ve got to check out the Hotel Penn. It’s conveniently located directly across from Madison Square Garden and is therefore the hotel of choice for those involved with the show. Apart from actually walking through the benching area at the Westminster show itself, you won’t see more dogs… dogs in crates, dogs on leash, dogs on trolleys, lined up patiently waiting to check into this pet friendly establishment… from miniatures, giants and everything in between all poufed, coiffed and show-ready, their owners ever-hopeful of a win.  The atmosphere is charged with a tense excitement, everyone keyed up about the upcoming walk in this historical event’s limelight.

A couple years ago when a winter storm closed New York’s airports a day before the show began, I overheard one participant say to another that she was thankful for the bad weather as her closest competitor now couldn’t get to the show in time, giving her dog a better chance at winning. To avoid such weather-related catastrophes, attendees usually check in with plenty of time to spare.

This year, to kick off the event, Hotel Penn will host a live pre-show broadcast satellite feed from the hotel lobby on Friday February 6th between 11am and 2pm EST so that media can interview participants. As well, on that day there will be a Red Carpet Fashion Show and Awards to benefit Animal Haven Shelter.

Not to be missed is the huge in-door doggie spa the hotel sets up on their lower floor. It offers all kinds of amenities such as the bathing/beauty parlor/salon, treadmills for exercise, a canine masseuse and even an animal communicator.

It really is something you need to witness to fully appreciate. For information on the Hotel Penn click here.


Dogs getting their pre-show exercise at the Hotel Penn