Imagine my surprise when I spotted this Golden Retriever wandering around the grand, opulent lobby of the historical Fairmont Hotel Vancouver as I was checking out.

Concerned, I headed straight over to her. Because of her green service dog-style vest, I thought she must have wandered away from a blind person. When I inquired about her to a staff member, he laughed and told me, “No, that’s Mavis! She lives here.”

Fascinated, I abandoned my car in the valet area while I wandered the huge hotel lobby and its labyrinth of hallways tailing Mavis. She walked purposefully, stopping to greet a guest here and there, clearly at home in her unusual surroundings. It was easy to see which staff members she adored best, as she lingered longest with them. One desk clerk confided that she took Mavis home sometimes when her primary custodian was on vacation.

Bell captain Eugene Mensch says Mavis has worked at the hotel for six years. She has a sidekick, Beau, but the other on-staff dog wasn’t coming on shift until later that morning. Mensch says guests find the dogs a delight, a warm fuzzy to enjoy while staying at their home away from home.

“People love the dogs,” Mensch says.


Check out Mavis’ business card — fancy dog!