Who doesn't want to spend more time with their dog?

High5dogs is a new lifestyle brand for people who love to bring their dog everywhere in style. When Dutch designer Danny Fang got his first dog a few years ago, he was surprised how much time he spent tethering his dog, not to mention the hassle he encountered when he wanted to buy a coffee or an ice-cream. 

Not accepting that functionality and style are mutually exclusive, Fang developed the CLIC leash*, a bespoke leash that has a carabiner integrated in the middle of the leash so that tethering and shortening the leash becomes nothing more that a simple gesture that can even be done single handed. 

Fang also noticed that he and his wife like to leash their dog in different ways so to cater to individual preferences, he developed the Leader System*, a simple system with a trigger hook that can be mounted on the rope to create a semi slip collar, a training leash or a fixed size collar. In addition, it can also be used with your favorite collar or harness.

Because Fang got so much attention when using his design, he decided to take the CLIC leash and the Leader leash into production so that he can share this innovation with other dog lovers. The leashes are now available for purchase at www.high5dogs.com. Modern dog readers receive an exclusive 10% discount on all products with the code MDMsummer2016 upon checkout. 

*The CLIC mechanism and the Leader system are patent pending