Think of your pup at home right now. Where are they in their house when you imagine them? In their bed? By the front door? Wherever they are you know they’re safe and comfortable. They can easily climb into their bed (or yours) and take a snooze until you arrive home. For shelter dogs, this isn’t the case. There is no forever human they can rely on, and while they wait, sometimes for months, they can be stuck on cold hard concrete.

 When a shelter is full of animals it can be hard to create a relaxing environment for the animals waiting for a new home. A secure snuggly spot, like a bed, can help alleviate anxiety and the stress that comes along with being rehomed. Being able to provide that spot for free is even better. That’s the goal of the FurHaven Pet Products program, Tails of Joy. This program is geared to give customers a substantial discount on the purchase of a new bed, and to donate one to animals in need. It’s as simple as that! For every bed bought on their site,, using a specific 40% off discount code, they donate one to the chosen charity or shelter.

Seattle Humane Society was one of the first shelters to benefit from the program. With 265 completely washable beds at their disposal, they’ll be able to provide soft comfort to anxious dogs and cats. "I feel like Oprah; ‘You get a bed and you get a bed and you get a bed!” says Seattle Humane Dog Care Coordinator Amy Porter.

The best part? FurHaven is just as excited to donate the beds as shelters are to receive them. Marketing manager Christine Brenner, explains,“With over 1,000 beds donated in four months can you imagine what number we’ll hit by a year?!” The sky is the limit with this program!

Do you have a shelter or animal cause that could benefit from a donation of pet beds? To nominate a shelter, please email: