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Healthy Paws

Solutions for everything from better dental health to surgery recovery!

By: Linda Helme

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1. An Easier Way to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth  

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is made easy with Pet Dental Finger Wipes from HICC Pet. These wipes feature organic refined coconut oil, baking soda, and chamomile extract to help clean plaque and tartar, freshen breath, and keep teeth healthy—ultimately saving you money on vet bills!  ($16,

2. Genetic Testing for Better Health!

Find out what diseases your dog is at risk for with Paw Print Genetics. Developed by veterinarians and PhD geneticists, the Canine HealthCheck test screens your pooch for over 250 inherited diseases and traits, enabling you to provide tailored health care or find responsible breeders that perform genetic testing. ($180,


3. Feel Good Pheromones

Does your dog struggle with separation anxiety, loud noises, or general stress? Easy to use and clinically proven, the ADAPTIL Calm Home Diffuser releases comforting pheromones into the air to help dogs  relax and adapt during stressful situations. ($45,


4. Dog Safe Lawn Care 

Wake up your lawn and prepare it for spring with Natural Alternative’s Early Spring Fertilizer. Formulated with organic nitrogen and zero phosphorus, this fertilizer is naturally sustainable, environmentally friendly, and safer for children and pets. ($43,

5. Help for Sore Joints

Does your dog struggle with sore joints? The Duralactin Canine Joint Plus Soft Chews are made with super-ingredients like dried milk protein, glucosamine, MSM, Omega fatty acids, and zinc to reduce inflammation and improve joint health. (from $50,

6. Better Recovery

Recovering from surgery doesn’t have to be stressful for your dog! Suitical’s Recovery Sleeve protects problem areas while reducing stress by applying gentle pressure around the chest via an adjustable closure and soft stretch band. A wonderful alternative to the dreaded cone of shame! (from $33,

7. Tempt Fussy Eaters

Entice your picky eater to eat their meal! Doggondiments Dark Roasted Peanut Buddy meal topper is made with human-grade ingredients, no artificial flavours, and prebiotics for a tasty digestive boost. ($13,

8. Hot Spots Be Gone!

Seasonal changes can cause skin irritation and hot spots. Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Hot Spot Gel soothes and relieves itchy, irritated skin impacted by biting, scratching, or licking. Safe to use on sensitive skin, it cools and protects rashes, burns, sores, and dermatitis to speed healing. ($19,

9. All Dog Coats Are Not the Same

All dog coats are not the same. Why treat them as though they are? Pride + Groom’s excellent, all-natural shampoos come in formulas specific to different coat types—shedding, non-shedding, and sensitive coats—to smooth, hydrate, soften, and enhance shine. Oprah even named these shampoos one of her favourite things! (from $20,

10. Floss While You Chew

Yummy Combs works like dental floss as your dog chews. But that’s not all. Marrying high-quality protein with a functional shape and 12 other wellness ingredients, it boosts cardiac, digestive, skin, and coat health too! ($20,

11. Happy Ears

Itchy, irritated, smelly ears bothering your dog? The Advanced Dog Ear Cleaner from Oxyfresh gently removes wax, dirt, and mites, soothing and cleaning your dog’s ears for a happy pup! ($15,

12. Immunity Booster

Give your dog’s immune system a boost with I’m-Yunity’s powerful medicinal mushroom supplement for dogs. This natural supplement is clinically proven to boost energy levels, stabilize white blood cell counts, and provide immune support. (from $95,



This article originally appeared in the award-winning Modern Dog magazine. Subscribe today!


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By: Linda Helme
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