Roxy and Cash don’t know it yet, but they have a surprise gift coming their way tonight…matching hoodies! Aren’t they awesome? After much trial and error we’ve found that hoodies are the easiest thing to put on/take off of the dogs before and after our walks, and that they are the least obstructive during their wild play. What I love most about these particular hoodies from Acanthus Apparel is that they have zippers in the front so I don’t have to pull them over the dogs’ heads. Genius!

Funny, just a year ago I was mocking those who dressed up their dogs, thinking they were simply mirroring their desire for a baby onto their poor, hapless dogs. But now that the dogs are getting older, I find myself worrying more and more about their comfort, including the winter weather chills. Afterall, they’re both short-haired dogs, and Cash’s hair still hasn’t completely grown back from when the vet shaved it for his ultra sound, so I feel like I’m completely justified in spending $30 each on doggie hooded sweatshirts. Jer, on the other hand, would disagree.