As the New Year dawns, it finds many of us reflecting on
what we accomplished in the past year and setting goals for the new. My New
Year’s resolution is to get more exercise, which should be easily accomplished,
with my new dog Penny eager to join me on daily walks (I got into an exercise slump
when my previous dog, Kaya passed on).  Of course, the resulting benefit of regular exercise is
fitter bodies and happier states of mind for both of us. We asked our Facebook
friends what their dogs’ resolutions are and it was a hoot reading them… here
are some of my favourites:


Crystal Gibson: Pinch doesn’t
make any resolutions so that way he’s never disappointed.

Tabatha Silva: We’re hoping
Bloo sticks to his resolution. Stop barking for no reason and maybe sleep in
his own bed. But just maybe …

Peg Davis:  Catch a squirrel, same as last year!

Marie Rdec: Exercise, be trim and healthy…. what the heck,
let’s tell the truth …. eat everything edible in sight!!!!!

Angela Larassa: To stop peeing
in the house immediately after coming inside. 🙂

Bekka Erickson Hagen: Learn how
to earn his keep by cleaning the house 🙂


Wishing you all the accomplishment of your resolutions and a
very happy, healthy and prosperous 2011!!!